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There is always a beauty in traditional clothes such as cotton dhoties, veshti mundu, pattu veshti and innovative dhoti pants men of today try on. RSM Uniforms are not only pioneers in manufacturing uniform pants for today's men, but also specialize in making cotton dhoties and veshti mundu that look apt for any function, political meetings etc. Veshti and mundu on men are symbols of bravery and auspiciousness. And when a veshti is stitched with pattu (silk thread) it looks grand and sets the festive mood.

Uniform veshti and mundu are preferred by many college-goers and corporate people, as ethnic day is a part of their celebrations at least twice in a year. Some prefer pattu for a grand look while some prefer cotton for a classy look. Hence we can never push cotton dhotis, pattu veshti and dresses like veshti mundu as traditional and old fashioned. The trend is back and we are getting back to our roots, we would say. It is good to be back to trend; this is evident with dhoti pants men models are seen with, on the ramp. Our RSM uniforms take extra effort in combining trend with tradition. Cotton mundu yarned with pattu in border, or pure pattu veshti are best picks in RSM Uniforms for more than two decades.

Consider a political function in South India and you could never fail to notice men with dhoties with their party flag as border. This type of customized dhoti collection is carefully manufactured in our manufacturing facility since it is about the image of a party that works for and with people.

Dhoti, Veshti mundu and pattu veshti are preferred gifts for friends and family, since they show a sense of being Indian and solidarity. We also have specialized section for kids dhoti collection. Children wearing mundu and dhoti pants men wear are always a delight to watch. Forget pants and jeans for this festive season, dress your kids with veshti mundu or a pattu veshti, look how Indian and beautiful they look.

Apart from dhoties, traditional pants are also a specialty in RSM Uniforms in our special section for men. If you look closely in the chemistry of clothes, Dhoti and Mundu are dresses that need overall consistency in quality. RSM Uniforms promise you the quality with our stain-free clothes and all of these in affordable costs.

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