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Housekeeping Uniforms Suppliers

Being housekeeping uniform suppliers for more than 3 decades, RSM Chennai Uniform understand the importance of wearing the right clothes at work. You must consider not just comfort and durability but also the style and versatility for workers to stay productive without potentially worrying about other things. It becomes even more challenging to design a uniform for housekeeping staffs because their job is physically demanding. So, keeping all these factors in mind, RSM Chennai Uniforms develops top-quality products with impeccable construction to give your staff the timeless good looks and maximum comfort.

What does a housekeeping uniform represent?

Wearing a housekeeping uniform represents being a part of a reputable organization or a company. It also displays the principles and the level of professionalism a company is following. It projects confidence when the employees appear well-dressed and feel good about their job. On the other hand, a company’s reputation can be thrown out of the window if its employee appears unkempt or sloppy.

What are the housekeeping uniform benefits for an employer?

The biggest benefit of housekeeping uniforms for the employer is that it set’s your company apart in the crowd. Uniforms are also a representation of the high standards a company has and exemplifies its positive image to the customers. By wearing a uniform with the company’s logo and colors establishes brand identity, increases brand awareness and pushes credibility in the industry.

Why the housekeeping staff should wear RSM uniforms?

RSM is a housekeeping uniform supplier that designs durable and comfortable uniforms to offer optimum benefits. Wearing housekeeping uniforms allows the employee to feel more calm and self-confident, and build a sense of equality. Moreover, we are a wholesale uniform supplier, so cost-benefit with RSM cannot be ignored.

Innovative Uniforms from RSM:

Making uniforms is a daunting task, due to numerous reasons such as patterns, preferences, and options available. That’s why we cover all the key elements in making the best uniforms including Corporate Uniforms, Laboratory Uniforms, School Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms and more. Here are some of our uniform features:

Lightweight apparel – Our uniforms are uniquely designed using lightweight fabrics for maximum comfort without compromising on the durability factor. In addition, we add large pockets with zip closer and various compartments to increase the functionality of the uniform.

Apt Fitting – Housekeeping is a moving job, so our designers make the garments that are flexible and well-fitted. Our uniforms look fresh and new even after wearing it multiple times.

Protective – Housekeeping staffs work under various circumstances which expose them to sun, dirt, liquids and more. So we make sure our garment provides them with maximum protection against these harsh elements.

Stylish – We never miss out on keeping the style factor intact. All our uniforms enhance employee’s comfort and confidence along with helping them look good.

Customization – To increase the overall brand image of your company we provide customization options. Whether you are looking for a housekeeping uniform for ladies such as sarees, skirts or other patterns, we can add a brand’s colors, logos, patterns, badges, and designs in the uniform which will increase credibility and brand awareness.


Q:Why should I choose RSM as housekeeping uniform suppliers for my company?

A:RSM Uniforms provides quality housekeeping uniforms that ensure your complete comfort while also being durable. We also offer customization options for uniforms.

Q:Will I get uniforms for housekeeping staff?

A:Yes, RSM offers a range of housekeeping staff uniforms that can be fitted and tailored based on your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to know more.

Q:Do you provide housekeeping uniforms for ladies and gents?

A:We provide uniforms for both ladies and gents, catering to specific fitting requirements in both cases. We can customize the uniforms according to your needs.

Q:Are your housekeeping uniforms ethically manufactured?

A:Our uniforms are manufactured according to the latest industry standards and are manufactured ethically every step of the way, to bring the best quality uniforms to our clients.

Q:How will I know what size to buy?

A:Prior to placing your order, you can always consult with us to finalize the size you require, along with the specific fittings and customization requirements you will be needing.

Q:What payment methods do you accept for purchasing uniforms?

A:Depending on the quantity of the order and the type of garment, the payment methods we provide will differ. Contact us to settle on a payment method for your order.

Q:Do you offer customization choices?

A:Yes, we offer a wide range of customization choices on our uniforms, from logo placements to embroidery. Get in touch with us to know more.

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