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Uniforms bring order and unity among people. It breaks the stigma of differentiating people on various grounds. It is said that uniforms give a sense of respect to the work we do. This is one of the reasons why institutions like schools, various colleges and industries include uniforms as a prerequisite.

Besides, some uniforms are also worn as protection. For example, Chef coats, aprons and lab coats chef coats and aprons are worn in the kitchen that helps the cook to protect his outfit from any stains. Lab coats are necessary to protect someone while working on harmful liquids. Also, uniforms help in identifying someone quickly. For example, if there is an event where the host has hired a set of people for catering, their uniform helps someone to locate them with much ease in the crowd.

With so many specifications, it sometimes becomes challenging to find the right model and the right quality. Worry not, for we have a solution to all your problems. RSM uniforms stand as the leading wholesale uniform suppliers in Chennai. With over 35 years of specialization in this field, we offer the best output to our customers. We provide affordable rates that will suit your budget and requirement. We provide uniforms for schools, corporates and industries. You name it, you will find it.

Why choose RSM while there are other suppliers out there? We are here to answer this question. We stand unique among other suppliers in the market. Here are various reasons why you should consider RSM as your first choice:

  • Quality - We make sure that we provide excellence in par with the industrial standards. We get the fabrics checked thoroughly and under various conditions to assure durability. Our materials are skin-friendly. We make sure in using mild and soft fabrics that do not harm your skin. Our chef coats are stain-resistant and easily washable similarly, we have different qualities for different uniforms.
  • Cost - We offer the most affordable rates to our customers. We also supply uniforms in wholesale.
  • Delivery - We have a systematic approach to deliveries. We make sure that we deliver the products at the committed time. We analyze the time frame required to manufacture and give it to you. You can reach out to us for any clarifications.
  • Variety - We don’t restrict the designs of our products. We understand the needs of various clients and make outfits accordingly.
  • Customization - Besides pre-designed silhouettes, we also offer customization in the uniforms. We are the most preferred enterprise when it comes to providing customized uniforms.

Here are various products that we manufacture:

  • Laboratory Uniforms
  • Corporate Uniforms
  • Medical Lab Coats
  • Hotel Staff Uniforms
  • Housekeeping Uniforms
  • School Uniforms
  • Uniforms Blazers
  • Corporate T-shirts
  • Industrial Uniforms
  • Scrubs Medical Uniforms
  • Security Uniforms
  • Supermarket Uniforms
  • Reflective Tapes
  • Play School Uniforms
  • Karate Uniforms
  • Uniform Sarees
  • Sleeveless Coats
  • Black Tie
  • Chef Coats
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